Leave a Lasting Legacy: Consider Your Impact on the World

Leaving a lasting legacy - image of forest and small globe depicting the earth

Although there is a significant financial component to leaving a lasting legacy, it encompasses so much more than just money. It’s easy to get stuck in a pattern of living life day by day, but your legacy isn’t something you make time for; your legacy consists of the choices you make every single day. It’s […]


What the SECURE Act Means for Your Retirement

Government building with text

On December 20th, 2019, the Setting Every Community Up for Retirement Enhancement (SECURE) Act became law. As the name implies, this law intends to make it easier for Americans to save for retirement. Though this may sound simple enough, as with most laws, the reality is far more complex. The SECURE Act includes changes that affect […]


How to Make Your 2020 Resolutions Stick

Making a New Year’s resolution is the first step to creating better habits. But making a New Year’s resolution and keeping a New Year’s resolution are not always the same thing. If you’re like most people, New Year’s resolutions are often long forgotten by mid-February, if not sooner. But it doesn’t have to be that […]


Is Your Buyout a Sell-Out?

If you work for a major corporation, you may have been offered a pension buyout. If you haven’t, there’s a good chance it’ll happen sooner than later. That’s because corporations want to reduce their pension liability. Let’s be clear, future pension liabilities can be a gigantic financial burden. Getting the liabilities off the books is […]


Preparing for the Long Term

Do you ever think about suddenly becoming incapacitated and not being able to provide income for you and your family? It’s something most of us don’t want to think about. I get it. While death is inevitable, and many people purchase life insurance to protect their families when that inevitability occurs, only 9% of Americans […]


Being an ESG Millennial Investor

In talking with millennials, I find many have a difficult time thinking about investing. When retirement is so far away, living today is much easier than saving for the future. I always point out to my millennial friends, the earlier you start on the road to investment – the earlier you make putting money aside […]


Let’s Not Panic

A lot of people are looking at the Dow, NASDAQ and the S&P 500 and deciding they want off this roller coaster. They check out the individual stocks they’re invested in, see all the numbers are shaded red, and they’re yelling, “Sell!” I understand the kick in the gut you may be feeling. After all, […]


Don’t Take It to the Bank

One of my greatest frustrations is people who think it’s a good idea to put their hard-earned money into their bank’s savings account. In fact, it’s barely better than stuffing your savings under a mattress. I’ve heard all the arguments about how safe your money is in a bank with the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation. […]


The First Step is the Biggest

Is there anything more monumental in a child’s life than their first step? They were crawling for so long. They scooted around in their baby walkers. They stood, shakily, holding onto the rail of their crib. Then, it happened. Standing in the middle of the room. They lift a foot and set it down. “One […]


Is HFT the Coming Way to Invest?

High Frequency Trading has been around for the greater part of the 21st century. Basically, it’s the use of sophisticated technological tools and computer algorithms to rapidly trade securities. And when I say “rapidly,” I’m talking nanoseconds. Before you can blink your eyes, stocks will be bought and sold. The algorithms and the high frequency […]

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