Mission, Vision, and Values.


To guide advisors to a better place of doing business. 


Our vision is to create a premier investment agency.


We have a commitment to serving you with integrity, positivity, transparency, and trust.


We are proud to offer a unique approach to investment advisors with the freedom and rewards of independence. It's our belief that advisors go independent to provide objective advice to clients while simultaneously taking control of their own financial future.

Sophisticated and Customizable.

As a true fiduciary, we love when our advisors go above and beyond for their clients. Being an independent with us means running your business in the way that is right for you and your clients. Independence means options. We are here to provide guidance but we allow you to choose.

Compensation Model. 

We know you have heard that independent advisors earn more than their wire house counterparts and J. Benjamin Financial advisors are no exception. On average, a J. Benjamin advisor can expect to take home 50% more than a comparable producer at a major firm. Our belief that experienced advisors should be compensated for their efforts is a strong part of our culture. In addition to higher payout than our competition, J. Benjamin Financial provides our advisors with the following:

  • Marketing and Sales Support
  • Technology
  • Back Office and Administrative Support
  • Client Relationship Management Software
  • Portfolio Management Platform
  • Web Platforms for Investor Performance Reporting

Ready to make the move? 

Take control of your independence and financial future and come work with us! We'd love to hear why you'd make a great fit for our team.