Who We Are

Jan Kuha, Founder and Managing Wealth Advisor at
J. Benjamin Financial

“No one – whether born into wealth or poverty, whether coming from privilege or disenfranchisement, whether a model citizen or an outcast – is predestined to a fixed tomorrow. Each of us make choices every day that determine our future.”

He should know. At one point in his life, Jan says the path he was on was not productive. Instead of continuing in that direction, he made the choice to turn his life around. He went to school, graduated from Marywood University in Scranton, PA with a Bachelor of Business Administration and began his career with Edward Jones in Charleston.

Michael Ciavolino,
Investment Advisor

Michael Ciavolino is always thinking about the future by helping clients make important plans to build their portfolios, get ready for retirement and manage their estates.

“I’ve always loved direct marketing and sales,” says Michael, “especially when it comes to helping people manage their money.” He has been successful in his career because his first priority is to create plans for what’s best for each individual client.

Erica Moyer,
Investment Advisor

When Erica Moyer was determining what she wanted to do with her life, she sought jobs that involve customer service. “I’ve always wanted to work in areas where I could help people make problems go away and enable them to live better lives,” she says.

Today, Erica, Investment Advisor at J. Benjamin Financial, is fulfilling her desire to help people with their financial futures and make them better. While she works with all investors, her focus is on women and helping them prepare for the future.