The J. Benjamin Story

In 2011, Jan Kuha was a newly-minted Financial Advisor walking door-to-door in the Charleston summers (in a full suit), introducing himself to people on their doorstep. He was fully committed to this career, but knew when it came to financial planning, there had to be a better way.

After five years at a big firm, he came to a realization: 

It happened the first time a client came into his office, on the day of retirement, to thank him for all the work and planning he'd helped with. It was the greatest reward he’d ever had. At that moment, Jan knew what his job is all about.

That led him to think about how advisors at the firm he was with were treated and what the firm's expectations of them were. He realized that although this industry is called Financial Services, it often felt like Financial Sales. 

In 2016, Jan created a business that focused on high level “Services,” rather than sales. J. Benjamin Financial was built to put the client and advisor on the same team and eliminate the need to sell anything to a client. 

That philosophy enables us to help clients plan and prepare for their Financial Freedom without the worry of ever being sold something they don't need.

At J. Benjamin, we know people are busy, and financial advisors who primarily exist in stuffy, ivory tower offices can be tough to access. Our suite of services are available online because we understand that your time is valuable. Technology is constantly increasing our ability to be productive from one, easily accessible place—wherever you’d like that to be!

Our planners and advisors work hard to ensure you have the right plan in place to lead you to your desired result. Working with us means you can rest assured you have the support of a professional to help you achieve your financial goals and will be with you every step of the way.